Russia. Cities of Military Glory

03 Mar., 2016, press release

On February 18, 2016 Post of Russia issued a souvenir sheet of five stamps in the "Cities of Military Glory" series. The souvenir sheet is dedicated to the following cities: Gatchina, Grozny, Petrozavodsk, Staraya Russa and Feodosia.

Russian Federation honorary title of "City of Military Glory" assigned "for the courage, steadfastness and mass heroism of the defenders of the city in the fight for freedom and independence of the Fatherland." Regulation on the conditions and procedure for awarding the title was approved by Presidential Decree on December 1, 2006. The honorary title "City of Military Glory" has continued the tradition of awarding cities with the title of "Hero-City" started in the USSR. Today, there are 45 cities in the Russian Federation, which were awarded with this honorary title.

Type of issue: souvenir sheets of 5 (3×2) stamps and a coupon
Stamp Size: 37×37mm
Sheet Size: 125×88mm 
Circulation: 20.000 souvenir sheets of 1st type (without lacquer, 18.02.2016) and 65.000 lacquered souvenir sheets (march 2016)

First Day Cover was in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Gatchina, Grozny, Petrozavodsk, Staraya Russa and Feodosia on 18th of February 2016


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