22 Apr., 2024

Russia Nobel Prize Laureates 2015 stamp set Peterspost

Russia Nobel Prize Laureates 2015 stamp set Peterspost
03 Apr., 2024

EUROPA 2024 CEPT Underwater fauna & flora

EUROPA 2024 CEPT Underwater fauna & flora

Happy New Europa ! :-)

The theme of the joint issue of European postal operators EUROPA CEPT for the coming year is very interesting and varied - Underwater fauna & flora. We closely monitor all stamp issues from both state and private postal operators. New items appear promptly in the corresponding section of our store. And, of course, our professional philatelist service team will be happy to receive orders for EUROPA stamps from previous years, Welcome!

Peterstamps Int Team

05 Mar., 2024

Scandinavia and Baltics

Scandinavia and Baltics

We have an excellent selection of stamps and other philatelic collectible items from the Scandinavian and Baltic countries. Not only “this”, of course, as a professional philatelic company we consider the whole world to be our area of interest, however, what is geographically closer to our main offices in Helsinki and Tallinn is what has been studied best

Since the first year of our company’s founding 1990, we have been monitoring the release of new stamps, participating in exhibitions, and cooperating with all postal administrations and operators in the north of Europe. How many meetings there were in philatelist clubs and societies, lectures, and auctions! In general, it is a “sin” not to take advantage of the accumulated knowledge and stocks of stamps in the warehouse

Every day we add something from old stock to our online store and, of course, keep a close eye on new issues. They appear on sale quickly! Welcome with orders, and by email: info@peterstamps.com you can subscribe to regularly receive new stamps by standing-order or send a wantlist

The friendly international Peterstamps team is always at your service!

12 Feb., 2024

Russian occupation postal administrations

Russian occupation postal administrations

The collapse of any Empire is a grandiose historical event with far-reaching consequences, accompanied by conflicts, wars, the collapse of the old ideology and new hopes. Grief for many, tragedy. But for philatelists, the inevitable formation of new states and temporary postal administrations issuing their own stamps on the “shards of the monster” is a kind of “holiday”

The collapse of Europe's last Empire of the 20th century, the Soviet Union, lasted for decades. The current war between Russia and Ukraine is its direct consequence. “Motherland” oh, how she doesn’t like to “let children go free.” Russia in the 21st century has turned into a new totalitarian Empire with a Soviet legacy. Under one pretext or another, the Kremlin is trying to gain control over part of one or another former Soviet republic. These territories, according to a similar pattern, become unrecognized republics, possessing (usually only formally) the rights of autonomy, but proudly calling themselves independent. They have all the external signs of a state: flags and coats of arms, a “president” and an “army”, sometimes their own currency, but always their own postage stamps! And, as a rule, it is the local postal system in such republics controlled by Russia that is truly autonomous and works stably, even complying with the rules of the UPU. For a philatelist interested in history and politics, this is very interesting!

We call each of the postal administrations of the republics that are not recognized by the world community, but issue their own stamps, Russian occupation territories. For short, “Russian occupation” There are a few of them, we list them:

- part of the territory of Moldova on the left bank of the Dniester with its capital in Tiraspol declared its independence back in 1990 (!) and “wanted” to become part of Russia. This is the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Transnistria PMR), has been issuing stamps since 1992

- Two autonomous territories of Georgia have been under the protectorate (essentially under occupation) of Russia since 1993: Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Since the same Year they have been releasing their own stamps

- In 2014, Russia occupied Crimea and part of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine. The last two territories received the formal status of “People’s Republics” (Donetsk and Lugansk), which in 2015 organized an autonomous system for delivering correspondence and issuing their own postage stamps

So, for many years, 5 Russian occupation postal administrations have been issuing stamps: Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Donetsk and Lugansk Republics. And these are not “fantasy” releases! Although scammers have many times issued non-existent stamps as if “on behalf of” them. For more than 30 years, specialists from our company Peterstamps have been closely monitoring the issue of stamps from Russian occupation territories, collecting information, publishing catalogues, offering stamps, FDCs, and real mail to collectors. You can always get acquainted with some of our offers in the relevant sections of the store and make purchases. For any questions, please contact our specialists directly by email: info@peterstamps.com

The most important and frequently asked question of a philatelist is what is the purpose and use of stamps of states not recognized by the world community, if they (according to the rules of the UPU) cannot be used to pay for international correspondence? Postage stamps of Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Donetsk and Lugansk Republics are used in most cases for internal correspondence. For international purposes, Transnistria uses stamps from Moldova, and the rest use national stamps of Russia and, accordingly, Russian postal routes. However, there are many examples of letters to Russian addresses (formally international), sent from these occupation territories and paid for with local stamps

It is impossible to accurately predict what the political map of Russian territories will be like in the future. Complex questions are clearly answered by the laws of history - if the Empire enters an aggressive stage, it will necessarily be followed by decline and collapse. In the present, we can state a fact - postage stamps of Russian occupation territories have already taken their place in private, state and museum collections. This direction of collecting is gaining popularity, and in the world's authoritative catalogs of the future they are guaranteed a place by analogy with the consequences of the collapse of other Empires of the last century and world wars

Peterstamps Team International

23 Jan., 2024

Features of the first issue of Ukrainian stamps 2024

Features of the first issue of Ukrainian stamps 2024

The first issue of Ukrainian postage stamps in 2024 was a block / sheetlet that united all the subjects of the definitive issue “Coats of Arms of Cities and Villages” that had been in circulation for five years: from 2017 to 2022. This block has two striking features:

Its release was supposed to take place in the spring of 2022, but this was prevented by the start of large-scale Russian aggression on February 24 The number of stamps in the series is 21, for what reason do we indicate in the brief description “the block consists of 19 stamps and 2 labels”? The fact is that two stamps in the series (Yalta and Zolotonosha) have letter denominations marked with the symbols V, which are prohibited in Ukrainian postal circulation from 25.02.24, since they correspond to one of the symbols of Russian military aggression (and it is very good that among the letters of the series there was no place for other fascist symbols of the Russian army). On these stamps, the letter V is crossed out with indelible ink, thus losing their postal meaning and turning into labels (coupons)

The block is already available for order in the Ukrainian section of our store

And by email: info@peterstamps.com you can sign up for a subscription to the stamps of Ukraine 2024!

The international Peterstamps team is always at your service

17 Jan., 2024

We will help with any philately issue

We will help with any philately issue
04 Jan., 2024

2024 has arrived !

2024 has arrived !

Our friendly international company pays attention to all areas of collecting. At the beginning of the New Year, We would like to especially note the “new issues and arrivals” section, because we have the first 2024 stamps already on sale!

New arrivals in our store occur every day! And we are always glad to see you! In addition, you can subscribe by email to regularly receive new stamps as standing-order from almost all countries and postal administrations of the world. Address for your contact with any questions, orders, ideas: info@peterstamps.com

... and in the coming year we are preparing many pleasant surprises for regular customers, stay tuned for the news!

Peterstamps team Int :-)


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