Russia. Russian XX century. Culture. Block of 12 stamps

Date of issue: 20 Sep., 2000

0.30 (R).  Russian Seasons. Tours of Russian opera and ballet companies
0.50 (R).  K.S.Malevich. "Black Square"
1.00 (R).  S.M.Eisenshtein. "Battleship Potemkin"
1.30 (R).  A.M.Gorky, writer
1.50 (R).  Symbols of socialism
1.75 (R).  V.V.Mayakovsky. "Showcases of ROSTA" (ROSTA - Russian Telegraph Agency, propaganda posters issued by Russian Telegraph Agency)
2.00 (R).  V.E.Meierkhold, K.S.Stanislavsky, theatre theorists, producers
2.50 (R).  D.D.Shostakovich, composer
3.00 (R).  G.S.Ulanova, ballet dancer
4.00 (R).  A.T.Tvardovsky, poet
5.00 (R).  Restoretion of historical monuments and buildings. (Great Palace in Petrodvorets)
6.00 (R).  D.S.Likhachev, literary critic, public figure

St # RU00/XX century Culture

Mi # Klb.849-860

11.90 €

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