SAFE. Perfotronic 2. Electronic perforation gauge

Date of issue: 01 Nov., 2014

The world's only ectronic perforation gauge!

Measuring the size of the perforation takes a few seconds, the use of advanced opto-electronic elements give absolutely reliable results for all stamps. Calibration configured to share the perforation measurement in quarters. For example 14.25 (or 14 and 14, as it is accepted in the classics and indicated in all the catalogs), but now perforation can be measured with an accuracy of a hundredth of a unit of the tooth (eg: 14.21)!

The measurement is made without any contact with the light sensors, and consequently without any risk for stamps.

Processor of perfotronik even able to extrapolate the number of teeth on the stamps with missing or broken teeth.

Also suitable for large stamps, stamps with fields, rolling stamps, etc.

Perfotronik comes with a special adapter 220V. Device size: 190 x 140 x 65 mm. 



St # SAFE 9850SP

399.90 €

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