SAFE. Signoscope Watermark Detector T1

Date of issue: 01 Nov., 2014

Signoskop T1 - elegant, accurate instrument for determining the watermark without risk for the stamp! Allows you to see the smallest details of the pattern of the watermark! Discover the treasures. The device is easy to use. You simply place the stamp in signoskop, and if your stamp has a watermark, then you see it. In every detail. You can see such watermarks, which was not possible to find by traditional methods or see more contrast previously known watermarks. Signoskop also allows you to see the thin places, traces of stamps restoration or other defects! Device size: 200 x 90 x 140 mm. Operates from 5 batteries (type AA, not included) or from the transformer 9887 (included).

St # SAFE T1

318.00 €

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