SAFE. Compact digital microscope with a 24 - 90 fold magnification

Date of issue: 01 Nov., 2014

Compact digital microscope allows detailed study coins, stamps and other delicate objects, such as small mechanical parts, biological objects, etc.
Color Display 1.8 "lets you view photos, edit, save and print for further study through the USB connection to the PC.
Easy to use - powered by batteries

Increase 24 - 90-fold.
High-resolution picture quality (camera 640x480 pixels).
Display 1.8-inch, 65,000 colors.
Complete, easy-to-use guide 
Many special functions, such as inspection, black-and-white conversion, reset, etc.
Accessories included: CD, 3 micro batteries, cable USB, charger.

Dimensions: 120 x 54 x 27 mm.

St # SAFE 9750

277.70 €

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