SAFE. Universal tester Philalux3 for stamps, coins, banknotes, gemstones

Date of issue: 01 Nov., 2014

Philalux3 - Universal Tester

To test the stamps, coins, banknotes, securities, minerals, gems, etc.
Recognizes classes of printing types, fluorescence, phosphorescence, and many others.
With magnetic detector (for US banknotes).


Big magnifying glass 135 x 65 mm, 3-fold increase.
Cylindrical magnifying glass, diameter 22 mm, 12-fold magnification.
UVC-lamp 256 nm filter for phosphorus.
The UV lamp 366 nm for fluorine: Optimal illumination using U-shaped, 9 watts.
Fluoroscopy, illumination area 125 x 70 mm.
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz, 90 mA.

Dimensions: approx. 185 x 130 x 125 mm.

St # SAFE 9865

183.00 €

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